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Markets still in fragile mode

Tuesday 13 August 2019

All still a very mixed bag out there and markets remain dancing on hot coals with Hong Kong, US-China trade spat, US Fed, Italy and Brexit all adding to the uncertainty still.

GBPUSD remains on the back foot but still being dragged around by Brexit bs and variable Euro sentiment with EURGBP falling to test 0.9250 before rallying but failing at 0.9300 amid the uncertain tones for both Euro and Pound. GBPJPY remains on the back foot but has still held 126.50 so far with good demand on USDJPY at 105.00. Prepare for sharp losses if that breaks.

I remain GBP bearish overall and will continue to rally-sell as my preferred strategy amid all the uncertainty/indecision including Brexit/political fallout but happy to buy back in the dips as always.No reason to change my view any time soon. Today's UK wages/jobs data at 08.30 GMT might set the algos off but not of major significance right now.

EURUSD failed above 1.1220 yet again and has been down to test the fresh 1.1175-80 bids/support amid the general EUR supply this morning. USDJPY is clinging onto 105.00 where barrier option and large expiry interest again today are helping to support but the pair remains under pressure amid the overall fragile risk sentiment. USDCHF remains on the back foot with CHF safe-haven demand still and EURCHF falling amid the latest EURUSD supply but with the SNB ever watchful.

AUDUSD remains tightly bound with AUDJPY supply but still finding dip demand from the rising Gold price again while USDCAD duly found support into 1.3200 again helped by some more CADJPY supply and softer oil prices and is now testing resistance at 1.3260 again.

Fickle Forex markets ever prevailing so be ready with your entry/exit levels and orders as always.

Don't forget I offer 1-2-1 mentoring if there's areas of trading this latest volatility that you might need some further help with. If you like/value the updates and service then be sure to tell your friends and family.

Have a good day out there one and all.

Interbank Rate 08.35 BST

GBPUSD   1.2056

EURUSD   1.1193

EURGBP   0.9283

GBPEUR   1.0772

GBPAUD   1.7847

GBPCAD   1.5981

GBPJPY   126.91

GBPZAR   18.5080

GBPHKD   9.3470

USDJPY   105.27

USDZAR   15.3495

EURJPY   117.82

EURCHF   1.0865

EURHKD   8.6772

AUDUSD   0.6756

USDCAD   1.3254

USDCHF   0.9708

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