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A mixed bag again as we start the week

Decent jobs and wages data out of the US on Friday, seemingly leaked in a Tweet by Trump, gave the US$ an initial boost but sell-the-fact has largely been in play since.

GBPUSD has been up to test 1.3380 before dropping back a little. Immediate support/buying now around 1.3340 then 1.33300 and 1.3280 with 1.3250 still the line in the sand behind that. Sell interest between 1.3380-00 still then 1.3420 and 1.3450.  On Friday warned about respecting the dip demand for the moment. I stand by that again today. Overall the Pound is largely a mixed bag.

EURGBP has been up back down to 0.8730 support areas (GBPEUR up to 1.1456) before running into buyers again with general Euro demand prevailing. More buyers poised into 0.8700 then 0.8680. Sellers into 0.8780 then and 0.8800

EURUSD has climbed above 1.1700 again after being be capped by large option contract interest there last week that I higlighted. Buyers around 1.1650 still then 1.1620 and 1.1600. Sellers poised between 1.1720-30 and 1.1750 then 1.1780-00.

USDJPY has rallied further as safe-haven Yen demand fades again and that is also helping to support core pairs with GBPJPY,EURJPY and AUDJPY all higher. Buyers now into 109.30 then 109.00 and larger into 108.80. Sellers 109.80 still then larger into 110.00. USDCHF remains on the back foot around 0.9850 with EURCHF steadier and EURUSD demand pushing USDCHF down too.

The Aussie and NZ$ have again found buyers with AUDUSD up to 0.7640 helped by better economic data and AUDJPY demand. Buyers now at 0.7600 and 0.7580.Sellers 0.7650 then 0.7680-00. The Canadian $ seems to be still making its mind up. USDCAD buyers now around 1.2900 then 1.2880 and 1.2860. Sellers 1.2980-00 and 1.3030

Uncertain times still and we're still ranging behind all the noise so get your orders into take full advantage of the moves.

A much better performance from England's cricketers in beating Pakistan to level the 2 match series. Now for the stiffer challenge of India after a few ODIs.

Have a good week out there one and all.

Interbank Rate 09.10 BST GBPUSD   1.3357 EURUSD   1.1705 EURGBP   0.8762 GBPEUR   1.1412 USDJPY   109.54 USDCAD   1.2918 USDCHF   0.9863 GBPAUD   1.7507 GBPCAD   1.7261 GBPCHF   1.3178 GBPZAR   16.6411 GBPHKD   10.3557 EURHKD   9.0744 GBPSGD   1.7858

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